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BURLESQUE - Birthed from magic and imagination, Foul Play Cabaret has been capturing the hearts of many, across the region, with their diverse and sultry shows, proving that the only thing hotter than the water in Hot Springs, Arkansas is the women! 

Ruby Lead, Head Mistress, is living proof that big things come in small packages. Doris Night, Queen of the Peepshow, has a vast array of ostrich feather fans that twirl faster than her pasties. Violet D’Vine, a vivacious vixen, is the embodiment of sexuality. Ms. Julia James, belly dancer extraordinaire, has isolated body shakes and rolls that humble the oceans. Fannie Flamingo, long-legged and foul-mouthed, you never know what’s going to happen when she is on stage.

These charming & lovely ladies combine humor, heart, and harlot with a little dash of surprise that keeps you entertained in more ways than one.  They are much much more than they seem...combining class & style - you will soon not forget!

Joining this troupe of Femme Fatales - Mickey O’Nail, a man of few words, can silence a room at the drop of a nail. What this man does to his body is only comparable to the vaudevillian days of old; if you have a weak stomach I suggest you get front row seats to watch this one! And Vincent Vagabond, the silver tongued Master of Ceremonies is a quick-witted riot. His charm on stage between acts is so effortless and endearing you might want to remove all of your own clothing, but please, leave this to the professionals of The Foul Play Cabaret.

Come enjoy libations of all kinds from your local breweries, distilleries & wineries...and unwind. Featured crafted beer, liquors & wine sprecials - showcasing each city's finest spirits!

Kicking off the night, with a soulful  and groovy vibe, Christine DeMeo helps you find your "happy place".  Christine is a singer/songwriter who will intrigue you with her soulful voice, meaningful lyrics and "Forget about it..." attitude.  When it comes to playing guitar, Christine aint playing around...her stylish approach to music will get you in the right frame of mind...quick.
BLUES – Pairing up with Arkansas’s hottest collection of pearls & lace - MoonshineMafia, hailing from the same hot water hills as Foul Play, will provide the soundtrack to this special night!! 

Shine soaked vocals & plenty of attitude to spare, singer/songwriter/producer,  Anna Williams, "Boss Lady", leads her mates with a fearless magnetic smile and occasionally a pistol strapped to her side.  This band of misfits, delivers a broad range of tasty mash, from soulful blues to roots rock influenced with even a little country fried & soul.  Tommy Jackson’s guitar work lends growl & bite to the music, along with smokey riffs & smooth licks – this fella has it in spades.    Bassist, Carl Wahlstrom lays down a heavy groove & foot.  Coming in with several years of touring experience with major label acts, as “security”…Carl is not to be messed with.  And Darin Williams is in the drummer’s seat & the other half to the Mrs.  Its not too often you hear a drummer command the band. Driving a back beat that would make Levon Helm proud, Darin doesn’t say much but man! he can make his drums talk.

This lethal combination creates the music behind the moonshine…which by the way, every member in the band, has “shiners & outlaws” in their family tree, or is still brewing or breaking the law themselves, but that’s another story.  Music lovers & musicians alike, have welcomed MoonshineMafia into the Arkansas music scene with open arms & many times join them on stage, for epic jam sessions, leaving everyone wanting more!  This band is smoking a trail thru South Central US and planning on making ‘Hit & Runs” along with West Coast, Gulf Coast and “Shiner Country” of Central US, plus releasing their first full length album, recorded in Austin & Dallas, TX 2014.