During the lockdown of 2020…Anna & Brandon (her bearded king), created

American Beard Bully Co.

An all natural American made beard care products





BeardBoss, Brandon Brazeal has had a full beard since birth!

BossLady, Anna Brazeal is completely obsessed by said miracle.


Owners & Partners of several brands but…

Believe it or not MUSIC is what brought Brandon & Anna together!


What they didn’t know is that they would fall in love, blend their kids (Cam, Brantley, Cole & Éva) together to make one crazy happy family, grow a pitbull family too…and develop an all-natural beard care company, hand-crafted right here, in America!

Brief Backstory

Brandon & Anna, both, are well established musicians in their respective bands.
Red Devil Lies & MoonshineMafia 

Early 2019, they found themselves working together on a recording project and like they say…”The rest is history!”

They eloped at the Devils Crossroads in Mississippi, along that mighty river on a muggy August night that year.  And soon thereafter…


*the pandemic hit*


During Lock-down

Brandon was discouraged & disappointed in the beard care products he had been using for awhile.  Anna searched high & low, bought several different products for him to try.  But.  

None of them met his needs.  Some had chemicals, others were too oily or they smelled like pencil-shavings.

And some were toxic to his lady-love & it was cutting down on his steady diet of “daily pets, snuggles & kisses” she was lovingly providing to him.




One night, of Netflix & ice cream binging, during the lockdown of 2020, Lucious Ray AKA Louie, their “covid baby” American Blue Nose Bully, laid his head over his daddy’s head.  Looking like a bad ass, Louie’s bearded image burned into their minds!

Quickly, Brandon & Anna put to good use their time & stimulus money and created American Beard Bully Co. ~ Your Beard. Man’s Best Friend.

All natural hand crafted beard care butters, oils & soaps, made in America!


Since then…

American Beard Bully Co. grew as the world began to spin again in 2021.

Brandon’s growing interests into facial hair care science, naturally sourced ingredients for health & well being and grooming techniques, motivated him to enroll at Tonsorial.  He quickly took to this new found talent & is set to graduate December 2022!

Soon our BeardBoss will be a highly skilled barber with his very own apothecary!

American plans to open a wicked cool barber shop early in 2023.


Anna’s a self-made expert when it comes to business & how to handle it.

Hence, BossLady.  Given to her by blues harmonica legend, Greg Batterton, after a hot steamy night at an incredible weekly blues jam, in Hot Springs AR.

Her command “on-stage” translates into the board room when it comes down to business.

Being an independent artist, allowed her to flex her skills in web development/design, PR/marketing, product & brand development and more.


Louie got married to his best friend Elsie Mae AKA Elsie, American Red Nose Pitbull Terrier.  He likes red heads.  And they have a true love that burns.

She’s a working mother too!

American recently released, Fall 2022, “Elsie Mae” an all lady inspired product line of whipped body butters, candles & soaps.  She embodies the feminine spirit of grit & grace.



Louie & Elsie had one beautiful litter of wee puppies, who are in loving homes, and we proudly keep up with all of them.


We kept two. A brother & sister.

Oliver Wayne AKA Ollie, chocolate in color, first-born.  “Jolly Ollie” is American Beard Bully Co. Christmas holiday scent too!

He is paw-paw’s good boi & will be joining Brandon everyday at the barbershop.

Ollie will be available for treats & pets.  Possibly a hand-shake if he’s feeling festive that day.  But most of all, belly rubs are always appreciated!


Hazel Grace, a gentille lady with a bold stature!  She’s Granny’s babygirl thru & thru.  Hazel is smart & sassy.  Has no fear.  And knows she’s someone special.  Her best-friend is her Pop - Louie. He’s taught her everything she knows.  Her manners, her swagger & she has the prettiest smile!

A “Hazel-nut” inspired scent will be coming out soon too & joining the other Elsie Mae products.



We are a proud American family! 🇺🇸
Working hard growing kids, dogs & businesses along the way.

We rock out from time to time but when we have time off, we spend it supporting our men & women in the military.  Working closely with several veteran’s organizations, beard clubs & community service events.  Making a positive impact in our communities is very important to us as a family.

We live here. We work here. We beard here.

Thank you so much for trying out our all natural personal care products!
We appreciate the opportunity 🇺🇸